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Silk Road Adventure-7 Days Private Tour to Turpan, Urumqi & Kashgar

2019-08-29 15:39:28

Silk Road Adventure-7 Days Private Tour to Turpan, Urumqi & Kashgar

Day 1 Arrival in Turpan

On arriving at Turpan, our guide and driver will pick you up at Turpan Railway Station. Then they will escort you to a comfortable hotel. The rest of the day is reserved for you to have a good rest or to become familiar with the city a bit on your own.

If you take an overnight train to Turpan in the morning or fly to Urumqi, please contact our travel consultant. We will arrange a more reasonable route for you based on your schedule.

Meals: No meals, advice freely available

Day 2 Turpan

Our 7 days Xinjiang tour begins with a visit to the Ancient City of Jiaohe, which is the oldest and the best-preserved earth architecture in the world. Then we will proceed to visit the Karez System. It is a kind of irrigation system used for providing water resource to the citizens in Xinjiang from ancient times till now.

After that, our guide will accompany you to Emin Minaret and Turpan Museum to know more about Xinjiang.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Lunch

Day 3 Turpan - Urumqi

You will finish your visit in Turpan and start the Turpan to Urumqi tour today. In the morning, we will guide you to the Ancient City of Gaochang to witness the history of Turpan. Then the next destinations will be Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves and Tuyugou Valley. Bezeklik Thousand Caves was one of the Buddhist centers of western China in ancient times; here you can see many colorful murals. Tuyugou Valley is the oldest Uyghur village in Xinjiang and is known as the "living fossil of folk customs". By the way, you can enjoy the scenery of Flaming Mountain from the vehicle.

After the visit in Turpan, we will drive to Urumqi. The distance from Turpan to Urumqi is about 180 kilometers (110miles) and it will take about 3.5 hours.Upon arrival, our guide will help you check into the hotel.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Lunch

Day 4 Urumqi

You will spend the following few days on the Urumqi and Kashgar tour. After breakfast, we will leave for the Heavenly Lake. The mountain is like a fairyland which is full of green straight spruces and pine trees. It is elegant and the waterfalls in the mountains are magnificent. The lake is clear and calm, and it can reflect the Muztagata Mountains. In addition, it shows different colors with the change of sunlight, which is very beautiful.

Next, our guide will accompany you to go sightseeing in the Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar. It is the largest bazaar in China in the Islamic style.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Lunch

Day 5 Urumqi - Kashgar

In the morning, you will be transported to the airport to board a flight to Kashgar. Upon arrival, our local guide and driver will meet you at the airport. The Kashgar tour itinerary will start from Kashgar Old Town. Most of the buildings in the old town are in the Islamic and Uyghur style and the streets are crisscrossed with a unified style. What's more, we will arrange a special home visit to a local Uyghur family in Kashgar Old Town and you will have lunch with them to enjoy some delicious local food.

After lunch, our guide will accompany you to Idkah Mosque, which is a landmark of Kashgar. You can see many magnificent structures in the Islamic style. The next stop is Abakh Khoja Tomb and it is a typical Islamic ancient architectural complex. Today's Kashgar tour itinerary ends here and our guide will accompany you to check into a nice local hotel.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Lunch

Day 6 Kashgar - Karakuri Lake - Kashgar

Today, we will wheel to Karakuri Lake and it will take about 5 hours. Karakuri Lake is a "pearl" on the Pamir. The lake is surrounded by several mountains such as Mount Muztagata and Kongur Tagh. In the calm days, the white silver peaks, green grasslands and lakeside herds can all reflect in the lake, which is extremely beautiful. You can enjoy a pleasure trip around the lake and view the Muztagata Mountain at a distance. In addition, you can take some beautiful pictures while enjoying the scenery. When finishing the tour, we will go back to your hotel in Kashgar.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Lunch

Day 7 Departure from Kashgar

Today, we will arrange for you a visit to a local bazaar. If it happens to be a Sunday, it will be scheduled to a more unique livestock bazaar. Then we will escort you to the airport. Your 7 days Xinjiang tour ends here. Hope you have had a good time with us!

Meals: Western buffet breakfast